How do I sign up for AutoShip

    1. Log into your account
    2. On the product page 
    NOTE Currently only half case and full cases of diapers are available for subscription services
    1. Choose your size
    2. Choose Half Case or Full Case
    3. A new option will appear below with the option to subscribe
    4. Click "Add to Cart" like any other purchase.


    1. Once you have added all items to your cart that you wish to purchase click "Checkout" in your cart.


    Note that the total may not reflect all discounts from the subscription on this page but will on the next page. 
    1. After clicking "Checkout" you can select or edit your shipping and billing information. Just click "Continue" to proceed to the final checkout process.
    NOTE we recommend purchasing on a day that is convenient for rebilling. As an example if you are paid every other week on Friday we recommend placing an order on a Friday that you normally get paid. This way every order will be placed on a payday.